Our Tips & Resources
for Buying, Selling,
Renovating and
everything in between.

Our Tips & Resources for Buying, Selling,
Renovating and everything in between.


Interest Rates have been rising in this shifting market, but there’s still hope for buyers. Learn about a 2/1 Buydown.


How to Keep Interest Rates Low in Today’s Market

Ryan and I recently purchased our new home off-market. Here’s how we did it and how you can too!



Best Practices To Secure an Off-Market Property

Learn why pricing your home matters now more than ever and how to avoid price drops.


Selling Your House Soon? Your Asking Price Matters

During this market shift, it’s important for buyers and sellers begin resetting expectations. Find out why.

Buying, Selling

Resetting Market Expectations For Buyers and Sellers

Wondering Where You’ll Move if You Sell Your House Today? You Have Options.

Buying, New Construction, Selling

Home Search: Where to Move After You Sell

The housing market is at a turning point and many are wondering what happens next? Read on to see what the top market experts are predicting.

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Housing Market Forecasts for 2nd Half of the Year

Buying New Construction

There’s nothing like moving into a home that is truly new, with no smells, smudges or dust left behind by a previous owner. Even better is when you get to make your own custom selections.

Buying, New Construction

Top Considerations When Buying New Construction

As we welcome a new year, here are 2022 housing market predictions from the experts.

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2022 Housing Market

2022 Housing Market Predictions

When is a good time to sell your home? An easy answer is when it’s best for you! Obviously, if you are closing on a home purchase, moving for work, or want to get settled before the new school year, you have a timeline…


Selling Your Home: Frequently Asked Questions

It’s probably safe to say, I’m not your typical homeowner. Where most people look for a home they can really settle into for years to come, I think in shorter timeframes. I’m always looking for the next home project…

Buying, Renovation

A Renovation Story: Brentwood