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Our Tips & Resources for Buying, Selling,
Renovating and everything in between.

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Our 70’s ranch renovation began with the pandemic. Now, fast forward a year and we have just completed the Pool House Addition.


The Pool House Addition: A Renovation Story

This renovation story began as a new home search for this family of six. It can be hard to imagine selling the home you’ve brought all four of your babies home to…

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Franklin home renovation

A Renovation Story: Franklin Family Home

This renovation has quite a backstory. What was first intended to be a flip quickly became a question of this should be our own personal home.


A Renovation Story: Our Backyard Oasis

We recently moved into one of our latest renovations after falling in love with the neighborhood and outdoor space. After living in our home for a little over a month, we’re finally ready to start sharing some of our finished spaces.


Update Your Space With Modern Mirrors

This flip has been a dream project for me. One that I’ve hoped to have the opportunity to do for most of my adult life. I’ve renovated each home I’ve personally lived in, but have always wanted to do a whole-house renovation…

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A Renovation Story: Murfreesboro Flip

I believe your home should be a place that inspires you. A place that gives you energy. A place you long to come home to after a long day. I believe your home is more than an address. It’s a lifestyle. For these reasons …

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The 3 Phases of Home Renovation: What to Expect

It’s probably safe to say, I’m not your typical homeowner. Where most people look for a home they can really settle into for years to come, I think in shorter timeframes. I’m always looking for the next home project…

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A Renovation Story: Brentwood

The story behind this renovation is pretty close to my heart, as it’s now the home of someone very special to me. This became the home for Ryan, of Harmon Home Company. He typically builds new construction, but between …

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A Renovation Story: Murfreesboro Ranch

To say this little 1,400 sq ft ranch-style home in Crieve Hall was a labor of love is an understatement. I bought this house to live in with my 4 year old son only a few months after my father passed away.

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A Renovation Story: Crieve Hall Ranch